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If your success depends upon your ability to enlighten, inspire and lead others, my writing ability can help you accomplish amazing things.

If your firm's success depends upon an ability to explain complex transactions, strategies or services in engaging and persuasive ways, I can help you get prospective clients excited about your firm's capabilities, your vision and your expertise.

I can interview the experts you have on tap. I can synthesize their knowledge and insights into words and images that engage, entertain, enlighten and inspire.

I can create speeches, presentations, pitch books and other communications materials that will help you persuade your target audience to take the path of action that you advocate.

Whoever your target audience may be, whatever you wish to inspire them to do, the more ambitious the goals you set, the more powerful the speech I will be able to write for you. The more engaging the presentation I will be able to create for you.

I have helped other business leaders accomplish amazing things. My work has made it possible for many people to master difficult subjects.

At Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Sallie Mae, I wrote speeches and created organizational development presentations for



heads of trading, technology, trust services, money transfer, securities processing, cash management, retirement services, letter of credit and collection services.

These speeches and presentations helped these leaders energize their employees and boards of directors to embark on new directions and implement new strategies.

At the end of a presentation on how to manage opportunity, a junior manager said,



"I went back to my office and asked myself what I could do differently."

At the end of another, a data‑entry clerk said to his manager, "I never knew my job was so important! I can't wait to get back to work."

To explain new securities‑settlement requirements to a bank's clients, I created a large, foldout marketing brochure that showed the flows of instructions, confirms, affirms and status reports.

When I saw that an employee had pinned the opened‑up brochure to the wall of his cubicle. I asked what he thought of it. Said he,



"I've been working here for fifteen years. Until I read this brochure, I never understood what we were doing."

After a chief technology officer gave a presentation I created to his board of directors, the Chairman of IBM who was on the board, exclaimed,



"That was the best presentation I've ever seen!"

At a real‑estate convention, a real estate broker gave a speech I wrote on how the brokers and agents in the audience could best tap into the global market for luxury residential properties.

Attendees gave him



a standing ovation.

A year later, my client told me that brokers who were in the audience were still telling him that his speech changed how they sell luxury residential properties to high‑net‑worth individuals and families around the globe.

The linguist Noam Chomsky argues that language evolved not to help people communicate; but to help us think. In my writing, I use language in a way that not only helps people think but also allows them



to do things they may have thought beyond their ability.

To make options‑pricing theory easy to understand for the mathematically challenged, I designed and programmed a simulator that shows graphically, among other things, that:



Every financial forecast, over a given time horizon, is a probability distribution.

The value of any financial asset is the probability-weighted present value of its potential payoffs or cash flows.



The Black-Scholes value of a call option is the probability‑weighted present value of all the potential payoffs in the probability distribution above the option's strike price.

To accompany the simulator, I wrote the book, Option Pricing: Black Scholes Made Easy (John Wiley & Sons).

Of the book, a sophomore at Tsinghua University in China wrote,



"Your book is friendly and easy to understand. I like your writing style. You express complex ideas in easy words."

An accountant wrote, "Having a degree in mathematics and a professional accountancy qualification did not prepare me for the explanations of Black Scholes to be found in most text books. They may have got a Nobel Prize for their option pricing model but Black and Scholes were never going to get an award for clarity of explanation.

"Having grappled with this area for a few months, I decided I needed a little more innovative help; hence my purchase of Jerry Marlow's interactive tutorial.

"Two days later and I feel I could go for the next



Nobel Prize myself!"

"So many things click into place so quickly, it's marvelous."

My approach to creating websites, presentations, marketing brochures and pitch books helps firms

sell complex services and helps fund managers bring family and institutional wealth under management.

At the end of a presentation on derivatives‑based investment strategies that I created for the head of a major bank's wealth‑management division, an investor with no relationship with the bank stepped forward and said,



"I would like to put $2 million of my family's wealth under management with your bank."

A marketing brochure I wrote for a money‑center bank changed its reputation in SWIFT services from that of a laggard to that of a leader.

After problems with its securities‑processing services damaged a major bank's reputation, a brochure I wrote helped it regain clients' trust.



If you have ambitious goals that you would like to achieve; if you have employees you would like to enlighten, energize and redirect; if you have complex services that you would like to sell; if you have an investment strategy you would like pension fund boards of trustees or high net worth individuals to embrace; if you have a board of directors that you would like to get excited about the strategic direction you advocate; let me engineer your goals against your audience's desires, beliefs, values and decision criteria.

Let me help you get your target audience excited about your firm, your products and your mission.

Let's get your audience excited about you!

Let's see if we can get you



a standing ovation!

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